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The Grand Opening: Is Your Small Business Ready?

The Grand Opening: Is Your Small Business Ready?

The Grand Opening: Is Your Small Business Ready? | Business Insurance in Orange, CAYour business may have business insurance in Orange, CA and may be ready for the grand opening… but are you? Here are some helpful tips.

Do Your Research

The cost of putting up a storefront is huge, so it’s essential that you choose the area that demographically makes sense. Ask yourself, is there a demand in your area? Who and where are your competitors located? Are you selling at a competitive price? You also have to make sure that your website looks good.

Should You Do a Soft Launch or Grand Opening

Even if you have a solid plan and a polished internet site, you can’t exactly prepare for the emotions of the day. It all depends on what you are going to do with your business. A soft launch can make people curious as to what your new business venture is doing. If your business is going to be a rather quiet one, this may be your best option. A soft launch can help you notice the bugs before the majority of your first customers do.

A grand opening will attract many people from around the neighborhood because they want to know what all the noise is about. Prizes, food, and balloons are all things you should consider for your grand opening.

Don’t Panic on Opening Day

Whatever your approach, it’s a good idea to be prepared for anything–because anything can happen. No matter how many lists you have or scenarios you’ve run through your head, you can bet that when you open your doors for the first time, the scenario will play out differently.

Business Insurance in Orange, CA

Before you open your doors, you need to have quality business insurance in Orange, CA.

Our staff at Remland Insurance is experienced in all matters regarding business insurance and would be happy to answer any further questions you may have!  We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to quote your California insurance coverage in 2016! Contact us today.


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