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Get out your Umbrellas! It could rain without the proper California Home Insurance

Get out your Umbrellas! It could rain without the proper California Home Insurance


Are you protected if you get sued?  How will you pay for it?   If someone were to file a lawsuit against you, you could end up losing hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, even if you win. Even though you might have some personal liability coverage through your California home insurance policy or California auto insurance policy, it’s probably won’t be enough to cover a major lawsuit. However, the good news is that you can protect yourself further with an Umbrella/Personal Liability policy. This type of policy offers a higher level of liability coverage and ensures that you and your family will be protected if someone sues you for damages.

Umbrella policies: A liability coverage “extension”

Umbrella/Personal Liability policies are typically sold in million dollar increments, and you can get this policy once you have a homeowners and auto policy that meet certain levels of liability – typically $250,000 – $500,000.

What does an Umbrella/Personal Liability policy cover?

  • Personal injury, including false arrest, mental anguish, malicious prosecution, libel, slander, defamation of character, wrongful entry or eviction, negligent infliction of emotional distress or invasion of privacy
  • Bodily injury, such as physical injury or death. In some jurisdictions, this also includesemotionalinjury.
  • Property damage, including destruction of the property of others, cost of recreation and loss of use. However, it does not cover damages done to your own property.
  • Defense coverage, including groundless, false and fraudulent suits, bail bond costs, loss of earning and other “reasonable” expenses.

How much does is it cost? The price of an Umbrella policy depends on how much coverage you want, the number of properties you rent or own and the number of automobiles or watercraft you own. However, the cost is minimal averaging between $200-400 per year for one car and one home.

Give Remland Insurance Services a call today at 714) 532-3342 to discuss adding extra coverage. In the long run, by paying a few hundred dollars per year, you could save millions.

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