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Get A Financial Break on Your California Auto Insurance With ABS

Get A Financial Break on Your California Auto Insurance With ABS


Many cars on the roads today come with Anti-lock Braking Systems (ABS), but how many drivers really know what the ABS system does and how to use it?  While there are many accidents caused by circumstances beyond a driver’s control, knowing about your ABS could help you avoid or minimize damage in the event of a sudden stop. By minimizing accidents and damages, you can help keep your California auto insurance rate low.

The purpose of an ABS system is to allow the driver more control over their car in the event of a sudden stop. When braking suddenly in a car without an ABS system, the car may slide, spin or the wheels may lock. This can cause the car to skid straight, no matter how you turn the wheel. Cars with two-wheel or four-wheel ABS will have a little more control over steering which should allow you to stop in a shorter distance and prevent the car from spinning out of control. [In some road conditions, such as dirt roads, loose gravel or snow, having an ABS system may actually slow the stopping distance.]

When you are looking to purchase a car, consider looking for a model with ABS and learn how to use it. As a driver, with California auto insurance, educating yourself about the ABS system in your car means you could avoid an accident and therefore, a California auto insurance claim!

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