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Generation X Is Short On California Life Insurance

Generation X Is Short On California Life Insurance

Are you a child of Generation X? If you were born between the years of 1965 through 1976 then you in fact are considered a member of Generation X, the most under-insured generation currently around today. In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis in America, many middle-aged people have found themselves overlooking the proper insurance due to the condition of their personal finances.

According to New York Life Insurance Group, many members of Generation X currently need around $450,000 in additional insurance coverage,but do not feel financially able to pay the extra annual premiums. A reported 20% of Gen Xers shared that they carry ZERO life insurance coverage. In our industry that is almost unbelievable due to the age group we are talking about and the fact that most have families that would need that support if the unthinkable were to happen.

Most of the younger generations are not focused on life insurance early on in their careers, marriages or during younger child bearing years, but our staff here at Remland Insurance cannot stress enough just how important life insurance is for you and your loves ones. We are not promised tomorrow, but we can do our best to help take care of those left behind if the unthinkable happened. Paying the mortgage, student loans, car payments, taxes and everyday expenses would be near impossible for one spouse to do on their own if the family is used to a single-income budget. Please do not put off getting the proper California life insurance, call our owner, Gary Remland today to schedule an appointment and get the proper life insurance policy for you and your loved ones in place.

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