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Gas Station ‘Sliders’ Caught Stealing Valuables

Gas Station ‘Sliders’ Caught Stealing Valuables

If you spend any amount of time looking at current news sources, it’s easy to tell that this world is becoming less and less safe each year. Headlines are so depressing it’s almost hard to feel safe, healthy and happy on a daily basis now days. Being that we write California auto insurance for thousands of customers, we are very sensitive to any article or warning pertaining to California automobile drivers and their vehicles.

According to multiple news outlets, the latest crazy in robberies had been coined “Sliding.” These so-called “Sliders” are parking at gas pumps acting like they are filling up their vehicles tank and carefully watch for an innocent victim to pull up and get gas in their car. After the “Slider”observes the situation closely, they wait for the opportunity to reach into an open window or open an unlocked door to grab valuables right from under the driver’s nose.

This new trend has cost many drivers lots of money in valuables such as: cell phones, pursed, brief cases, wallets and MP3 equipment.The general target so far has been women, so please be on the lookout and share this valuable information with your family and friends.   

To help prevent an attack, we highly recommend keeping your windows rolled up and doors locked at all times while at a gas station. Be sure your purse, wallet and any other valuables are out of sight and not in plain view to reach in and grab.

Be safe out there and always stay aware of your surroundings! Visit the Remland Insurance Virtual Insurance Office today to find out if you currently have the proper California auto insurance coverage by visiting


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