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Four Dangers of “Cheap” Auto Insurance Coverage

Four Dangers of “Cheap” Auto Insurance Coverage

If you find yourself getting sucked in by the constant insurance advertising on the television, billboards, radio and in print ad’s these days…be very cautious to buy into their promise of “15 minutes of less to save on your Auto insurance.” Cheap California auto insurance can be dangerous and end up costing you a lot more down the road if an accident or injury occurs.

The following are some of our major concerns about purchasing a cheap version on auto insurance:

  1. Wrong amount of coverage – Your policy will most likely be written with low coverage limits and a high deductable making any accident or damages extremely expensive out of pocket if something should occur.  If you want to obtain the proper coverage for these types of accidents, you must expect to pay a good premium for your protection.
  2. Low Deductable – A low deductable may sound attractive when it comes to paying for a claim, but if you happen to have several claims or accidents in your auto insurance contract (6 months or 1 year) the bills could quickly pile up. If you are a low risk driver with a great driving record, it is a better option to have a higher deductable and better coverage.
  3. Customer Service – The major difference about an e-agency and an independent insurance agency is the customer service experience. When you call the customer service hotline at a major e-agency, you will most likely be talking to an automated machine that cannot understand your question.  If you call an independent agency you will speak to a live customer service representative that is ready to assist you without talking to an automated robot.
  4. Coverage for Friends and Family – Be sure and know the policies of the specific state you live in before you allow anyone else to drive your vehicle. If you purchase a cheap auto insurance policy there could be an exclusion clause in your contract that states no other driver is covered while operating your vehicle.  When you purchase an insurance policy through a Remland Insurance agent, you will be able to include or exclude any driver you please.

Obtaining the proper California auto insurance coverage is extremely important. Not only will it protect you and your family but it will also protect you from any other un-insured driver that you may come in contact with. When it comes to insurance, there is no room to skimp. Give Remland Insurance a call today at 714)532-3341 to discuss any concerns or changes you need to make on your California Auto Insurance.


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