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Four California Auto Insurance Dicsounts You Could Be Getting!

Four California Auto Insurance Dicsounts You Could Be Getting!

Being a licensed driver in California comes with many regulations. Some would say there are far more regulations then other surrounding states, but that’s just the way they Insurance Commissioner designed the laws, so we must abide.

California auto insurance is affordable for most “normal” drivers. If you have points of your record, a DUI, are not yet 25 years old, or drive a “hard-to-insure” vehicle, then our guess is you probably pay a pretty penny for your California auto insurance.

These four simple tips may help you cut costs when you are reviewing your auto insurance in 2012!

  1. Many auto insurance carriers offer discounts to drivers who have a college degree or a teaching credential in the state of California. (Some Science and Engineering Degrees get a bigger discount)
  2. Remember points go off your driving record 3 years to the day of when you earned the point. Make sure your insurance agent updates your record frequently.
  3. A multi-policy discount for customers who have more than one policy with per company. For example: A Mercury Auto Policy + A Mercury Home Owners Policy = discount!  
  4. Some carriers offer a 1-Year Renewal Discount or Credit if you remain with their coverage.

Remland Insurance has a wide variety of coverage options and over 20 companies to best suit your California auto insurance needs. Please contact us today to make sure you are getting the very best rate, and that you have obtained ALL the proper discounts on your coverage!

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Written by: Christi Gartner


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