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Five Tips For Keeping Your California Home Insurance Rates Low

Five Tips For Keeping Your California Home Insurance Rates Low

Every American these days is looking for a way to cut back on cost. The cost of living is high, and on the rise daily, especially in California. Here at Remland Insurance, we take pride in finding you’re the lowest rate we possible can by comparing rates from as many carriers as we can.

Our office staff has devised a list of a few helpful hints on how to keep your California home insurance rate low in these tough economic times.

  1. Raise Your Deductable – A deductable is the up-front cost you pay before your insurance carrier starts to pay for your damages. Since the purpose of having insurance is to pay for loss or damage that you could not totally afford to pay for, we recommend raising your deductable to a limit that you would be capable of paying in the case of a loss.  
  2. Make Your Home Safer – Insurance companies give discounts to individuals who install fire sprinklers, fire alarms, burglar alarms and more. Find out what is important to your insurance carrier, and make some minor changes to your home.
  3. Buy A Newer Home – Most California home insurance carriers give a discount to customers who own a home that is less than ten years old.
  4. Use Good Building Materials – When you renovate or purchase a home, be sure to use materials that are fire-resistant. For example, using brick, or rock in construction is considered much more fire-resistant then wood panels. Do NOT purchase a home in a fire or flood prone area.   
  5. Mention Your Degree or Education- Most insurance companies offer a discount for your college education or a teaching credential.  


For any further assistance, or more information about your insurance rate, give Remland Insurance a call today. We’re here to help!


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