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Five Fun Insurance Facts For 2014

Five Fun Insurance Facts For 2014

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Remland Insurance…making insurance fun by sending out $25.00 Gift Cards to customers who referr us new business!

Here at Remland Insurance our staff members know that insurance is not always the most glamorous topic to discuss. In fact, insurance is often considered “painful to talk about,” or even voodoo for those who are superstitious about accidents happening. In 2014, we will strive to do our very best to make insurance facts fun for you and your loved ones while giving educational tips and tricks!

The following are 5 Fun Facts about California Insurance Policies:

  1. Personal items lost due to auto theft are not covered by your California auto insurance, but rather by your California home insurance policy. If you regularly transport expensive items in your vehicle, speak to your insurance agent about adding additional coverage to your policy with an itemized list!
  2. Auto insurance premiums are NOT affected by the color of your vehicle despite popular belief, so go bold with the color choice of your next vehicle, but just watch out for speeding tickets in your new yellow ride!
  3. Insuring your home and automobiles with the same company usually provides a discount! That’s right; most California insurance companies offer a set % discount when customers purchase more than one policy with them. Remland Insurance represents many companies that are known for their great multi-policy deals!
  4. If a friend is driving your vehicle and gets in an accident, YOU are still responsible for filing the claim and paying any additional rate increase that may follow, so be very selective of who drives your car around town!
  5. If you purchase new California insurance coverage, be sure to cancel you old policy. If left unattended and un-paid, the insurance carrier has the ability to report the lack of payment on your credit score causing points to be taken away!

We hope you enjoy these Fun Insurance Facts, and that you learned at least one helpful thing today! If you or your loved ones have a need for new Insurance coverage in 2013, give Remland Insurance a call today at 714) 532-3341 and our staff would be happy to assist any need you may have!


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