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First Day of Summer – Sunscreen Tips

First Day of Summer – Sunscreen Tips


Today is the first official day of summer 2013, and the sun is out in full force here in Southern California.  Summer sun is something we have lots of in California and it’s an even better reason to prep your skin for UV rays every morning before you leave your home.

UV rays come can touch your skin though car windows, office sky lights and waiting in line for your food at your local lunch spot. Your skin is the largest organ on your body, so we cannot stress enough just how important it is to protect yourself daily from cancerous rays the sun puts off each and every day. It’s important to put sun screen on your face, ears, neck and all other exposed skin everyday(yes even when it’s overcast) but the 4 months of summer weather are most important due to the increased amount of sunshine.

Some important tips for choosing the best sunscreen:

  • Choose a sunscreen that has UV protection
  • Be sure it’s water resistant in case you plan toswim
  • Apply daily before you go outdoors
  • Check out the expiration date
  • Use Chapstick with sunscreen protection
  • Select your favorite way to apply: spray, gel, crème,ointment
  • Cover up your kids – some children’s clothingand bathing suits come with extra UV protection
  • Buy a trusted brand, and read the ingredients
  • Get checked out yearly by a dermatologist
  • Protect your scalp too! (don’t forget to put sunscreen on your head)

We wish you a very Happy First Day of Summer, and hope you and your loved ones enjoy a fun few months with unlimited sunshine and activities! Protect your skin, and your summer will be even better! 


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