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Firework Safety in Orange County, CA

Firework Safety in Orange County, CA

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As the 4th of July approaches, lots of local cities are putting up Firework stands in parking lots anticipating great sales from local residents! The City of Orange where Remland Insurance is located does not allow fireworks, but surrounding cities like Santa Ana, Buena Park,Stanton, Huntington Beach, Fullerton, Costa Mesa, Garden Grove, Villa Park and Westminster all allow certain varieties of fireworks that are sold each year at the end of June and first week of July in anticipation of the National Holiday.

Fireworks are a fun way to celebrate America, but can potentially do a lot of damage that is irreversible. The most common mishap includes a severe burn (typically on the hand/arm) but fireworks that shoot into the air and land back down have been known to cause fires and even do significant damage to houses. Here are a few tips if you plan to use Fireworks in Orange County this 4th of July:

  • Know your fireworks, ask a lot of questions upon purchasing different varieties
  • Always have a water source ready in case a firestarts
  • Wear safety goggles or glasses while lighting fireworks
  • Have a designates lighter of each firework, andhave the rest of the crowed stand far away
  • Obey your local town’s firework laws
  • Soak used fireworks in a bucket of water before throwing them into the trash can
  • Parents should never allow children to light fireworks
  • Purchase fireworks from a trustworthy source who truly knows about each variety
  • Don’t make any modifications to purchased fireworks
  • Stay a safe distance from any structure or flammable substance
  • Never light a firework inside, take all the action outdoors
  • Alcohol and fireworks do not mix, safety first

Fireworks are fun, and can remain a fun activity if used with the proper precautions.Your California home insurance policy is in place to cover most damages, but taking the extra steps to ensure safety is extremely important. Be sure you have the proper coverage and liability if you plan to host the 4th of July party this year! USA! 


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