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Fire Season and your California Home Insurance

Fire Season and your California Home Insurance


Our lack of rain last winter has made the surrounding brush very dry and combustible!  Are you prepared?  Here’s what you need to know to prepare for the threat of wildfires.

 Following are some helpful tips on what to do to prepare your property for Wildfire Season.

First, create a defensible space around your property. This will reduce the risk that fire will spread from the surroundings to the structure.  Keep in mind that firefighters sometimes “do not attempt” protecting structures without adequate defensible space, because of the safety of their teams and their effort is less likely to succeed.  The Law requires a 30 feet clearance around the house.  An additional 70 feet may be required in high risk zones. 

To create a defensible space you need to:

  1. Remove all buildup of needles and leaves from roof and gutters.
  2. Keep tree limbs cut back 10 feet from chimneys and remove dry limbs that overhang the house and garage.
  3. The law requires a ½ inch mesh screen to be put over chimney outlet.

Second, make a household inventory.  Use a digital camera to photograph rooms and contents then take a few minutes to catalogue your possessions and note their values.  If you choose to use a video camera, comment as you go with as many details describing the item(s).  Store a few copies of the inventory away from the house.

A free Home Inventory Guide is available at Remland Insurance  to print.

Third, now is a good time to review your California homeowners’ insurance policy with your agent to make sure you have adequate coverage for your home and personal contents. 


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