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February is National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month

heartStart keeping your heart healthy this National Heart Month.

February is now the month where all things heart-related are dedicated. With Valentine’s Day, National American Heart Month is now sharing this short but important month. The heart is, by far, the most important muscle in the body as it pumps oxygen-rich blood to every cell in your body. Unfortunately, America’s leading cause of death is heart disease.

Only with facts will you be able to make the correct decisions when it comes to matters of the heart. Be sure to know fact from fiction with these common heart myths.


Myth 1: The older you get the higher the blood pressure

As many Americans see the number of their age increase, they see their blood pressure rise with it. Though it may be common in the US, that doesn’t mean its healthy. (Hint: it’s not.) As you get older and more stagnant, your arterial walls start to become stiff. This forces your heart to pump harder, and your arteries to succumb to more damage with the added pressure. The damages allow for fat to build up in your arteries which, in turn, make your heart pump harder, and allows this destructive cycle to continue until it’s too late. Talk to your doctor about incorporating exercise as a way to keep your arteries flexible, and keep your heart beating normally.

Myth 2: If you’re fit, you needn’t worry about heart health

Working out and eating right play a huge role in keeping your heart healthy. The factor which is ultimately out of your control is genetics. If heart problems run in your family, you could face the same fate. But that doesn’t mean you are. Prevent this by informing your doctor to improve your cardiovascular health.

Myth 3: Statins will help you prevent heart attacks if you have high cholesterol

Though they may have a place in medical treatment of heart disease, statins do not prevent heart disease in people with high cholesterol. A study conducted to determine the impact of statin reported that for every 60 people treated, only one heart attack was prevented over period of five years. The side effects like muscle damage and cognitive issues outweigh the benefits.


Ensure your heart is healthy this National Heart Month by knowing the facts. By objectively assessing your risk of heart disease, insuring yourself might be a good plan too. Contact Remland Insurance Services in Orange, CA to get the right coverage that is right for you!


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