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Family Crisis-Communication Plan

Family Crisis-Communication Plan

Creating a Wildfire Action Plan is a great way to get your family involved and prepared well in advance in case of a wildfire. Each household (family) should make a joint effort in designing a crisis plan if such occasion should arise. This could be a fun summer project for kids building a model of your home out of shoeboxes and scrap wood lying around the garage. A variety of issues need to be addressed and also role-playing situations could be a great help!

To create an evacuation plan, start by doing the following:

  • Locate “emergency exits” throughout the home, including a 2nd story escape plan if the stairs are not able to be utilized. Ordering a safety rope ladder and placing it in the proper room for escape should be part of this plan
  • Once a month have a fun time to practice all of the escape routes with the family (excluding the 2nd story exit, that should only be used in case of emergency)
  • Practice getting pets safely out of the home or backyard as well
  • Prepare an Emergency kit that is placed safely in the trunk of a vehicle or in the garage
  • Create a Family Communication Plan that features the following:
    • When we have to evacuate, we will:

1. Meet at: (Place outside the home, or distance away from danger in another part of town)

2. Out of area contact information: Name, #, Cell #,  Email, Relationship

3. Important Numbers: Emergency, Local Police, Local Fire Department, Neighbors

4. Draw sketches of your home and use the diagrams to practice

Creating an family emergency plan is very important for families with children. Ina time of panic the children will be much better prepared to evacuate safely and trust their instinct. If a child has never been exposed to a crisis situation, they will have no idea what to do in case of fire, flood or natural disaster. Be sure your California home insurance is up-to-date at all times and that the premium has been paid. Having the proper coverage will help in the aftermath of a total home loss.


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