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Extreme Snow Sports and your California Medical Insurance

Extreme Snow Sports and your California Medical Insurance

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All the cold weather California has had in the past few weeks has been fantastic for local mountains and resorts. Snow is piled up along the roads and chains are often required on mountain roads during this time of the season. Snow activities are some of the most fun activities, but also the most dangerous! The downhill speed alone is enough to scare most adults, and as other activities like snowmobiling have gotten more popular; the risks have increased even more.

If you and your loved ones plan to visit the local mountains, or a faraway destination please keep in mind that safety is the number one most important part of a successful vacation. No one likes to visit a small, mountain range hospital while away from home. While hitting the slopes on skis, a snowboard or a snowmobile, it’s important to follow these safety tips:

  • Never go alone – Always have a friend with you,that way you are accompanied if an accident does occur
  • Stay on marked trails – Don’t stray off into thetrees, if an accident happened, no one will know
  • Do not drink alcohol while doing any of these activities
  • Wear a helmet – This is the key to surviving a crash
  • Carry your ID – ALways carry your personal ID with you in a pocket or jacket
  • Carry a first aid kit – Place this in a backpackor locker in the lodge
  • Never step onto a frozen lake – Lakes can be deceivingand the layer of ice may not be thick enough to support your body weight
  • Dress appropriately – This will prevent any typeof hypothermia
  • Have medical insurance – This is so very important when you participate in extreme sports of any kind

Our office staff wish’s you a wonderful winter, and are here to help answer any further California medical insurance questions. We would not want you to get caught in a snow storm without proper California auto insurance, or have an injury without having the proper California medical insurance. Give us a call today at 714) 532-3341.

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