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Exploring the Relationship Between Commercial Auto Insurance and Personal Driving

Relationship between commercial auto insurance and personal driving

Exploring the Relationship Between Commercial Auto Insurance and Personal Driving

If you are using your personal vehicle to conduct business-related endeavors, commercial auto insurance helps you stay fully covered on the road. Commercial auto insurance helps you operate your vehicle for business purposes without worrying about potential issues.

However, there have been some questions regarding the full benefits of this coverage. In most policies, you are no longer protected once you stop using your vehicle for business.

Here is a look at the relationship between commercial auto insurance and personal driving.

Using Vehicles for Business Only

If your business owns a vehicle, having commercial auto insurance is the only way to fully protect it. This policy covers both you and your business. However, it only covers authorized users. Authorized users are people that you permit to operate the vehicle to conduct business. Even during the off-hours, there is a chance that the vehicle may suffer damage. You can amend your coverage to protect the authorized user when they are operating the vehicle on their time off. Commercial auto insurance ensures that you and your authorized users stay protected.

Why Commercial Auto Insurance Is Important

You depend on your vehicle to help your business function. Without the proper coverage, one mistake can be detrimental to your business. Driving is a high-risk activity because of the constantly changing road conditions and the behavior of other drivers on the road.  Commercial auto insurance is an asset because the policy contains higher coverage limits and custom protection. It can help your business save a lot of money if a disaster occurs.

Personal Vehicle Usage

It’s possible that you have assigned a vehicle to one of your employees and permitted them to use it for personal and professional gain. Regardless of their travels, they will be protected through commercial auto insurance. It’s recommended that you personally sign off on letting your employees drive the business vehicle whenever they would like.

One thing to keep in mind is that your employees need their own personal policy. If they are driving their own vehicle, they are not covered under your commercial policy. They will need their own private insurance coverage to pay for any damages to the vehicle. Also, keep in mind that even if you work from home or spend equal amounts of time in the office and working remotely, commercial auto insurance is worth the financial investment.

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