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Top Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk Everyday

exercises for standing desk

Top Exercises You Can Do At Your Desk Everyday

Entrepreneurs who launch startups may wonder if they need workers’ compensation or other types of insurance plans to protect their workers. The type of insurance an employer can opt for usually depends on whether you are hiring in-house people or subcontracts with other firms. However, looking after the well being of your workers is always a good idea beyond insurance, such as allowing them to do standing desk exercises for physical activity.

Stretching and Deep Breathing for Physical Relief

Working at a desk for several hours can create health issues such as lack of proper blood flow or a reduced energy level. To maintain a healthy staff, you should let workers do physical exercises periodically at their desks. Stretching and deep breathing exercises can help relieve the discomfort caused by sitting in the same place all day.

Regardless of the type of benefits you offer to your staff, you should be concerned about how they feel both physically and mentally. These factors impact productivity and workplace loyalty. If people feel run down physically, it will affect them mentally as well, which will reduce their output and the efficiency of your team.

Exercises for Standing Desk

Some workers are creative enough to invent their very own exercises to do at a standing desk. For those who aren’t familiar with such activities, here are a few simple exercises they can try to get adequate body movement for the day:

• Diaphragm Breathing

This exercise eases muscle tension and relaxes the nervous system. It involves putting one hand on the chest and the other below the ribcage to gauge the diaphragm movement. You inhale for four seconds, hold your breath for a second then exhale for four seconds. This process should be repeated five times.

• Figure Four Stretch

Moving your hips, glutes and lower back are the benefits of this stretching exercise. With your right ankle over your left thigh, sit with proper posture while inhaling. Stretch for up to a few minutes, then do the same thing with the other ankle.

• Seated Thoracic Rotation

Pain relief in your neck can be reduced by this exercise. Lean forward in your chair with your hands locked together in front of your chest. Then exhale while turning your neck and spine to one side. Do this rotation with the other side as well. This movement should help you breathe easier.

• Seated Heart Opener

Chest, shoulder, and upper back movement from this exercise helps relieve tension throughout your body. While sitting down, reach for the back of the bottom of the chair. You can also do this stretch standing up by putting your fingers at the base of your spine while you lift your chest upward. Then pull your shoulders down while breathing into your chest and stomach for up to five breaths.

• Controlled Articular Rotations

Known as wrist CARs, this action will help loosen your wrists and forearms. Use one hand to grab the opposite forearm. Then turn the wrist associated with the forearm you’re holding in a clockwise direction four times.

• Single-Leg Abduction

Use this exercise to achieve greater balance. With a medium resistance band placed above your knees standing up, move your hips back to a squatting position. Your chest should be pushed forward with your knees bent. Ultimately, your shoulders should align with your toes. Lift your feet one at a time while slowly pulling the band from your midline as the other foot remains stable.

• Segmented Cat-Cow

This is good for upper and lower back mobility. When seated, let your stomach come forward as you extend your lower back one vertebrae at a time. Slowly create a curve in your spine. Lift your chest, and bend your neck back as you look at the ceiling. Reverse it next.

Various standing desk exercises exist for workers to practice on their breaks. Individuals must adopt exercises that bring them comfort and relief. However, if you want to find out more about protecting your workers, contact the experts at Remland Insurance in Orange, California. An experienced agent will help you on the right path toward meeting your insurance needs.


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