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Ensuring A Smooth & Successful Moving Day

Ensuring A Smooth & Successful Moving Day

Ensuring A Smooth & Successful Moving DayHelpful Tips For Renting A Covered Moving Truck

Moving day can be excitingly overwhelming as you prepare to start off fresh in a new space. However, if you are renting a moving truck, it is important that you are equipped with the proper insurance coverage so that you can complete this task without a worry. Accidents happen, so knowing you are covered ahead of time can help you determine the proper way to handle any incidents that may arise.

First things first, take a couple minutes out of your day to call your current auto insurance provider. Many individuals fail to consider that their car insurance may offer some coverage for moving trucks. You will need to provide them with some details, such as the size of the vehicle to ensure adequate coverage.

An alternative coverage option for insuring a moving truck can be found with your credit card company. Like regular rental cars, your credit card provider may provide you with coverage for your moving truck so be sure to give them a quick call before looking into supplemental insurance.

Supplemental insurance is available for you if neither your insurer nor your credit card company offers any coverage. There are a few options available to you, including supplemental liability protection and personal effects insurance. Supplemental liability protection typically offers $1 million worth of liability protection if you damage someone else’s property or vehicle while operating your moving truck. In contrast, personal effects insurance will cover any of your valuables that are stolen or damaged while in your moving truck.

As long as you complete the steps necessary to ensure you are adequately protected, you should have a care-free moving experience.

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