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Earth Day Tips – April 22nd

Earth Day Tips – April 22nd

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Looking to reduce your carbon footprint this Earth Day – April 22nd? Earth Day is a simple, yet meaningful holiday celebrated across the United States and many other countries who are concerned about taking care of the world we live in to help preserve it for future generations. Here are a few great options that you and your family can do today in honor of celebrating Mother Earth and just how well she takes care of us!

  1. Go Meatless – for one day that is! Choose to eat lots of fruits, veggies and grains
  2. Buy  Compost – Instead of genetically manufactured fertilizer, purchase organic compost at your local plant nursery or Home Depot
  3. Recycle – Take your cans and bottles to the nearest recycle facility
  4. Buy some Bugs – That’s right, Ladybugs and Earthworms are amazing for your soil, so purchase some today at your local hardware store
  5. Ride Your Bike – Today, park your car in the driveway and ride your bike somewhere you typically would have driven, it will save money and you will get your exercise in
  6. Replace your Light Bulbs – Pick up some energy efficient light bulbs to replace your old energy heavy ones. New bulbs use about ¼ of the energy as the old ones
  7. Vinegar Cleaning – Instead of using harsh chemical cleaners around the house, try a mixture of vinegar and water to clean your kitchen and bathrooms
  8. Check for Leaks – Don’t let a leaky faucet waste unnecessary water around your house. Do a quick survey of the water sources around your home and fix any drips – this will help prevent any future California Home Insurance claims!

We love our City of Orange and great customers here at Remland Insurance! Have a Happy Earth Day….and remember even the small things make a big difference!


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