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Drop, Take Cover and Hold On! Today is National Earthquake Drill Day!

Drop, Take Cover and Hold On! Today is National Earthquake Drill Day!

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Photo Credit: Earthquake Country Info

Today, October 18, 2012 is officially titled “The Great Shake Out!” It is that day where over 14 million individuals practice earthquake drills in their home, schools and organizations to better prepare for an emergency such as an earthquake.

Most participants come from the beautiful state of California, accounting for 9.3 million drills today alone! Since California sits on many major fault lines, it tends to have the most accounted for earthquakes per year around the United States.  Today, every classroom in the state will be practicing the “Drop, Cover and Hold On” method in order to prepare each student for a sudden earthquake or disaster.

The main purpose of the exercise it to teach three things:

  1. Drop – to the ground (before the earthquake takes you down)
  2. Take Cover – by getting under a sturdy desk or table
  3. Hold On – to your shelter and be prepared to move with it until the shaking stops

These three major steps should be common sense to most Californians, but those who are new to the area, or do not do well in a panic need to refresh these life-saving tips yearly. The “Shake Out” website recommends staying in one location, and do not try to leave the room you are in or go outside. Many injuries occur when people try to move about throughout the building they are in.

Be safe out there California, and be sure to have the proper California home insurance or California earthquake insurance policy to cover damages that occur during an earthquake in the future. Call Remland Insurance if you have any questions about obtaining the proper coverage for your home at 714) 532-3341.


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