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Driving While “Daydreaming”…The Latest Distraction

Driving While “Daydreaming”…The Latest Distraction


We have discussed the dangers of texting while driving countless times here on the Remland Insurance blog over the past few years.Statistics are growing at a rapid rate here in the United States due to lack of focus and added distractions while driving around these days.  According to new research done by Erie Insurance Group, the latest statistic is even scarier than texting statistics have been.

Their research claims that “daydreaming drivers are five times more likely to suffer a deadly car crash that those who were focused on an electronic device.” Their research examined 65,000 deadly car accidents that have occurred over the last two years and determined that around 10 percent of them stemmed from distracted driving. Of the 10% they have claimed that 62% of those fatal accidents were a result of “day dreaming” and only 12% of the accidents were due to cellular phone use.

Day dreaming” is defined as taking your eyes off the road,getting lost in a song, watching the scenery rather than the road etc. When you really stop and think about it, there are a million distractions all around us each day, and driving is no acceptation. In fact it’s one of the most distracting activities we can do since it involved other drivers, pedestrians, passengers,traffic signals and more.  We share this to affirm to all of our loyal customers and blog followers just how important it is to pay attention to your surroundings while driving.

If it means turning off your radio and rolling up your windows then so be it. It’s the safest way to drive for you and all others surrounding your vehicle. Do your part in being a safe driver and keeping your California auto insurance premium rate low by avoiding any unnecessary “points” on your driving record.


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