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Dreaming of a Checkerboard Garage Floor? Check with your California Insurance Agent First…

Dreaming of a Checkerboard Garage Floor? Check with your California Insurance Agent First…

California is known for its painfully expensive and ever changing housing market. Each year has its ups and downs but have you ever stopped to think about the damage that homeowners do to themselves? It may seem like a grand old plan to design a new master bedroom suite or expand the garage, but will you ever really get your money back? For those of you who have ever said, “We’ll get it back when we sell,” here is the harsh reality…

Six WORST home fixes for your investment:

  1. Upscale Garage Addition – Have you ever thought about adding a third bay to your garage or doing some serious remodeling inside of it? Be careful not to waste too much money on cabinets and flooring. This space is usually looked over by potential buyers and is not considered a deal breaker. Instead purchase the do-it-yourself flooring paint kit at your local hardware store and use cheap or garage sale found cabinets to furnish the space.
  2. Bathroom Addition – The average bathroom costs somewhere between $20,000-$40,000 to add into a home. Depending on plumbing and space, this investment is something you need to think long and hard about. Unless you plan on staying in your home long-term and have a true need for an additional bathroom, skip the addition and make a family bathroom schedule!
  3. Master Suite Addition – For a top of the line Master Suite to be added to your home, the price tag could be over $200,000! For that amount you could stay at the most posh resort in your local area for over a year! Paint, Carpet and décor can help do a major face lift on a drab bedroom and cost much less.
  4. Back Up Power Generator – Installing a Power Generator may sound like a great idea in case of emergency, but a portable generator is much more cost effective and can be moved to different locations as needed. Consider a portable generator rather than an installed version. The backup generator could also affect your California home insurance rates and your yearly premium due to the nature of an additional installed appliance.
  5. Adding a Sunroom – Depending on the part of the country you live in, a Sunroom may be the popular thing to do. But with an average cost of over $75,000, most potential buyers will not understand the added cost for a “temporary looking room.”
  6. Home Office Remodel – A home office can look upscale without spending $1000’s! Instead of making your “dream office” at home, consider purchasing nice furniture and re-decorating with dark rich colors to make the office feel like a haven.

Your home is quite possibly your most valuable asset. Don’t waste money on home remodel projects you will never break even on! Be sure that you have the proper California home insurance coverage to protect your valuables and home structure. For any questions, please call Remland Insurance to speak with one of our agents at 714) 532-3341 today! 

Written by: Christi Gartner

Image Credit: Garage Solutions


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