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Dr. Oz’s Holiday Travel Tips for 2012

Dr. Oz’s Holiday Travel Tips for 2012

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Image Courtesy: Dr. Oz, on Instagram

This holiday season, millions of Americans travel to be with family over Christmas and New Year’s. Holiday travel is tricky because it’s the time of year when the Flu is spreading like wildfire! The following holiday travel tips are recommended by none other than Dr. Mehmet Oz himself, and if Oz is promoting it then our staff is listening!

  1. Carry all medications and prescriptions in your CARRY ON luggage! With so many travelers going through the airport, there is a chance your luggage may be misplaced for a few hours and you would not want to be without your medication
  2. Pack a savory snack in your carry-on luggage! This will prevent you from running to the junk food stand at the airport or having to purchase a $10.00+ snack on-board the airplane
  3. Bring a work out video with you on your trip. This will ensure you at least get a 20-minute exercise session in while away from your normal routine. There are many videos available on YouTube these days in case you forget  
  4. To minimize Jet Lag…set your clock back a few days ahead at home and change your bed time to accommodate the new hours. It is also crucial to drink plenty of water when traveling and adjusting to a new environment
  5. Blood Clots are nothing to mess around with…and they can be prevented if you make an effort to walk around on the plane each hour. You can also take a baby aspirin or 2 if you are over the age of 40 just before you fly to help keep the blood thin and flowing properly

Happy Travels from our office staff here at Remland Insurance Services in Orange! We hope you enjoyed these travel tips from Dr. Oz and that they make your traveling a bit more comfortable this season! We also offer travel insurance if you are in need, so give us a call today at 714)532-3341 for more information!


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