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Downsize Your Home & Keep Your Sanity

Downsize Your Home & Keep Your Sanity

Downsize Your Home & Keep Your Sanity

When you downsize your home and life you may bid adieu to your sanity in the process, but not if you follow these helpful tips. 

When you move from an opulent estate in the suburbs to a downtown apartment or move in with a significant other, you are going to have to downsize your home. Moving from a large living space to a smaller one can be a tricky, complicated, and uncertain. So much so, that people often report a loss of sanity after the day is done. If you need to downsize your home and want to keep your sanity, follow these steps. Warning: these may not be easy, but will certainly save your psyche.

What would you replace if it were to disappear? 

Before you do anything, you have to know how much space your new place has. Once you know the square footage of your new space, ask yourself, “What would I replace if everything was lost in a fire?” Take note of the important things and what you could live without.

What are you better off owning, rather than selling and buying later?

The stuff that you don’t need you should sell for cash. The more money you make in this process, the less you have to spend later. In order to properly downsize, you may have to part with some heavier necessary things and buy them later after your move.

Be merciless when it comes to the items that enter your domain. 

Your space should have qualifications. If some of your items do not meet these requirements, direct them into the “let go” list. At the end of the day, everything that you bring into your home must maximize space and comfort.

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