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Don’t let your family, health, or hard work deteriorate, be proactive and get our CA life insurance!

Don’t let your family, health, or hard work deteriorate, be proactive and get our CA life insurance!

When you have a family, it is always important to look after the well being of them. This is especially important for those who have children in school where germs spread like wildfire. According to The Los Angeles Times, local education officials are encouraging the emergency state legislation to provide students with more time to get vaccinated for whooping cough. This would be a new requirement for California students in grades 7 through 12.

The bill would give students 30 days after their academic year begins either to obtain the vaccine or provide proof of vaccination. The Los Angeles Unified School District Supt. John Deasy explained the need for the extension in a letter written to Gov. Jerry Brown: “The existing legislation, which went into effect July 1, has not provided sufficient time for school districts, local health authorities, and parents to comply with its requirements.”

Among schools starting in August or September, about 35% of students have submitted proof of vaccination. However, Deasy is concerned that if the extension is not passed, then the first week of classes will be chaotic. This is because the rest of the students will not have the proper proof in time, consequently causing them to miss classes. Therefore, the loss of state money due to students being sent home will cause a further financial burden to the district.

Health is important, especially since some untreated illnesses can be fatal. This is why Remland Insurance is committed to providing your family with the best CA life insurance around! We know that you value your loved ones and are always planning for the future. Let us help you spend more time enjoying life and not stressing over insurance.

Our dedicated team understands your specific needs. Therefore, we provide a variety of coverage packages, including: Term life insurance, whole life insurance, and term/whole life combined. Whether you are looking for a policy to cover a period of your life or permanently, we will provide you peace of mind in your decision. Start focusing on what is in front of you and let us focus on your future life!


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