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Dog Breeds Typically Not Covered By Your California Home Insurance Policy

Dog Breeds Typically Not Covered By Your California Home Insurance Policy

Did you know that dog bites cost an estimated 1 billion annually.  According to the Centers of Disease Control about 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year.  There is about 885,000 people that have to seek medical attention for their injuries.  Occasionally you here on the news about someone getting badly injuried by someone that has been attached by a dog.  In cases people ask the questions who is liability for damages the owner or the care takers.  Good questions dog owners and care takers need to check with their California home insurance company to see if they are protect.

Did you know that some homeowner insurance and/or other types of  policies exclude animal liability coverage.  So you want to make sure and check out your policy and see if there is coverage or not for you dog.

Did you know the common types of blacklisted breeds that insurance companies don’t provide liability coverage for is the following, German Shepard, Pit Bull, Rotweirer, Akita, Chow Chow, Doberman, Presa Canario and husky type.   Again it verys from company to company so double check with your insurance company and make sure your dog is not on their blacklist.    

When checking with your insurance company and/or agent make sure that there is not some type of policy language to provide limited coverage to you in case you dog bites someone.  Beyond the California homeowner policy in the past personal umbrella policies often bridge the gap by exclusions in the California homeowner policy.  Don’t assume this is the case anymore.  Please make sure your umbrella policy also provides coverage.

Written by: Sonya Sepulveda


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