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Does Your Home Have The Proper California Home Insurance Coverage For The 2012 Fire Season?

Does Your Home Have The Proper California Home Insurance Coverage For The 2012 Fire Season?

Along the Southern California coast each year, dozens of small wildfires happen. Each city has a plan of attack on how to put out these small blazes…but what if they came close to your home? Your California home insurance policy may be the only thing that could save your family from a complete and total loss in this situation. We trust that the Fire Authorities are doing their very best to protect homes and buildings…but fire is so unpredictable and can change its path in seconds.

Since southern California has had almost zero rainfall this winter season, the vegetation on hills and woodland areas are extremely dry. Once the wind kicks in and a spark happens, the area could quickly catch. Be sure to discuss with your family or roommates what items are most important to grab and leave your home immediately if the fire authorities demand an evacuation.

Items to take with you during an evacuation:

  • Important Documents
  • Any Prescription Medication
  • Family Photo Albums
  • A change of clothes
  • Phone Charger
  • Family Pet’s
  • Laptop Computers or Necessary Electronic Devices
  • Home inventory document
  • Family Emergency Plan

It is important to be prepared for sudden evacuations if you live in heavily wooded areas during fire season. Be sure to call your California home insurance agent today and double check your fire coverage. Visit our website at Remland Insurance for more details about fire coverage. Call us today with any further questions at 714) 532-3341

Written by: Christi Gartner

Photo Credit: Strange Cosmo’s


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