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Does Home Insurance Cover Water Damage?

does home insurance cover water damage

Does Home Insurance Cover Water Damage?

Water damage can be a costly and messy situation to deal with. Some California home insurance policies cover flood damage, and others do not. The key is to know where you and your property stand in case of water damage during this rainy season of the year.

The following are some examples of water damage claims that your homeowners policy may cover:

  • Rain coming through a hole in your roof
  • A broken window caused by strong winds or hail conditions
  • Water damage due caused by a storm

Some water damages that may not be covered:

  • A broken pipe that causes damage over-time in your home
  • The lack of maintenance on your plumbing system
  • Standing water, that is not dealt with that creates mold

No matter what caused the water damage, it is important to take the steps to properly maintain or clean up any water damage as quickly as possible. Standing water can cause all sorts of issues to the foundation and structure of your home. If not dealt with in a timely manner, mold has the potential to not only damage your home, but put all who live there in danger as well.

Mold can cause many medical conditions including: coughs, runny noses, congestion, sinusitis and even more seriously, asthma or bronchitis. Insurance companies have been putting restrictions on mold coverage due to lack of maintenance, but other mold claims may be covered because they are caused by the peril of a storm.

If a storm or pipe causes water damage in your home, immediately contact your insurance agent and dry all wet areas. It is important to provide air circulation throughout the affected area as well as contact a professional water damage service to assess the damages. If you have any further question about purchasing coverage or regarding your existing floor or water damage coverage, give us a call today at Remland Insurance 714)532-3341.


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