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Do you not feel safe in your location? Get the protection you deserve with our California Business Insurance!

Do you not feel safe in your location? Get the protection you deserve with our California Business Insurance!

Do you not feel safe in the area that your company is located? Don’t you want to have less stress in your life and start focusing on your passion? You should be receiving superior protection for something you have worked so hard to create. However, according to The Orange County Register, although some local towns spend a majority of their budget on public safety, others do not, which seems to be having the opposite, positive effect on each area.

The following are the six cities spending less than half of their budgets on public safety, which therefore frees up money for taking care of streets and parks, running recreation programs, etc:

• Laguna Woods, 30.4%
• San Juan Capistrano, 40.9%
• San Clemente, 43%
• Newport Beach, 44.3%
• Cypress, 44.7%
• Mission Viejo, 48.2%

These six cities are generally smaller and located in South County, with two of them being located right on the water. This makes these areas automatically safer due to the higher property values and tourism attractions.

In addition, the city that spent the least on public safety, Laguna Woods, ended up being the safest city in O.C. in 2010, according to FBI statistics. Although it is made up of mostly senior residents, these statistics still prove to be impressive.

Some believe that public protection is the most important thing for cities to do, but others will disagree. They want more for money set aside for parks or street repairs and other programs. So in the end, public safety is important, but knowing how to budget the money appropriately for the specific area is key to a healthy, happy community.

At Remland Insurance, we are dedicated to keeping the community safe. We understand that as a business owner, you are faced with risks on a daily basis. However, what if the area your building is located in suffers from an accident or vandalism? You can turn to us for help with the support of our California business insurance!

We will walk you through the process of selecting your ideal commercial insurance package. Our wide range of coverages can be customized to meet your needs, including workers compensation insurance, commercial property insurance, general liability insurance, and much more. So now is the time to protect your investment with our California business insurance!


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