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Dishwasher Safety Tips to Prevent a California Home Insurance Claim

Dishwasher Safety Tips to Prevent a California Home Insurance Claim


Did you know there is a right way to load your dishwasher? Water damage claims happen every day across the United States, but who would have though an accident could be prevented by properly loading the dishwasher?  California home insurance can protect you from large upfront costs if damage occurs, but when the claims adjuster arrives on scene and discovers that the water damage came from an appliance, your coverage may be limited.

The following tips should be shared with your entire family so that the household is united in loading and unloading the dishwasher:

  • Plastic & Melamine plates are totally safe in the dishwasher, though they will fade over time with many washes
  • Pots and Pans have large handles that may cause the internal motor and sprayer arm to become jammed. Be sure when you load bulky items that there is clearance around each item in order to prevent damage to the machine or your cooking tools
  • Load silverware into the dishwasher facing heads up to prevent a jam in the bottom portion of the machine. Knifes are able to fall through the slats of inserted improperly
  • Overloading the dishwasher is one of the worst things you can do to your dishwasher. Not only does the performance level decrease, but there is change of overflow due to the access amount of water
  • Always be sure you are using the proper dishwashing detergent. Powdered or liquid will do, but never replace the soap with generic dish soap or you will have a huge mess on your hands (and floor) due overflow and bubble suds
  • Be sure that the pipes and tubes in the back of your dishwasher are tightly sealed onto each joint. If a tube or pipe becomes loose, a leak may start under the machine causing damage to the floor eventually needing replacement or mold care
  • Use your dishwasher at least once a month to maintain the machine. Some people prefer hand washing dishes, but leaving an appliance to sit for long periods of time will cause breaking down of the motor and pipes
  • Be sure your California home insurance has the proper coverage limits incase damage does occur. If you are concerned about your coverage limits, give your agent a call to discuss

Dishwashersare one of the best modern conveniences we have in our home. 100 years ago, every household did dishes outdoors or in the local river. Be sure to maintain your kitchen appliances and have them inspected yearly to be sure they are properly functioning at the highest levels.

Image Credit: Home Depot

Written by: Christi Gartner


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