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Crazy Insurance Claims…Can Happen

Crazy Insurance Claims…Can Happen


There are times in the insurance industry we see hear some pretty outrageous auto insurance claims.  Some of the past unspeakable ones include: “A boat landed on my car,” “My car got stuck in the telephone wires,” and our personal favorite “My dog crashed the car!” We truly never know what or who is going to be on the other end of the phone line when we get calls daily and this particular claim that took place in Glendora, California was no exception.

The photo is shocking considering most vehicles stay on the ground but the Glendora Police Department got one of their more shocking auto accident calls in history on March 23rd of 2013 when a man’s black Cadillac ended up on his neighbor’s roof. That’s right, his ROOF! Cars are supposed to stay on the ground, yet sometimes accidents happen and occasionally a car ends up on a roof.

The real questions is “How did this happen?”  And with the help of the AP article we learned the vehicle careened out of control down a steep hillside and ended up on the roof of the next door neighbor’s house. No one was hurt in this incident, but a crane was brought to the scene to remove the vehicle which had some minor damage to the body and engine along with some roof damage to the home effected.

Life is unpredictable, and there is really no way to predict what kind of situation you and your automobile will get into. This man had parked his car in the same place every day for years and one day…it decided to take off down the hill and end up on the neighbor’s roof. This is one of the most important reasons why you need full, comprehensive California auto insurance to cover you and your family. Protecting your lives, vehicles and the lives and vehicles of others is very important and we cannot stress it to you enough that you need a good quality insurance agent to help you obtain the very best coverage!

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