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Connecting to Family by Unplugging Pesky Digital Devices

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Connecting to Family by Unplugging Pesky Digital Devices

Put down the Devices and Connect with Your Loved Ones

In today’s digital world, we are hooked on smartphones, laptops, TVs, and other digital devices. We rely on them for entertainment, communication, and even work. The benefits are endless, but our prolonged use of these devices has raised several questions.

From safety concerns to growing mounds of frustration, our devices have quietly managed to disengage us from our friends and family. If you are someone who has realized this severe drawback of using phones and want to work your way backward, here are some tips to help you connect more with family.

How Do I Reconnect with My Family?

  • One way to start connecting by unplugging is to utilize quality time with family during meals. Just leave your phone aside for the next few minutes and have a nice conversation at dinner.
  • Avoid texting or calling unless it is urgent.
  • Plan movie nights or game nights away from your phones.
  • Start by setting short periods every day (10 or 20 minutes) when you will put all digital devices away. Try increasing this over time.
  • Have fun by enjoying indoor and outdoor activities with your family.
  • Plan a day out without digital devices.
  • Disable pop-up notifications to stop your phone from interrupting you or schedule a time to check your phone.
  • Look at old photo albums and share those memories with your kids.
  • Cook together with your spouse, and involve your kids too if possible.
  • Increase the time you communicate with your family.

How Do I Reconnect with a Loved One?

  • Within your personal space, such as your bedroom or living room, keep your phone usage minimal.
  • Use your time to create memories with your partner by watching a show you both like or simply talking.
  • Make crafts or birthday cards with a special message for your loved one.
  • Make your loved ones feel special by complimenting them, cooking their favorite foods, and surprising them with a romantic dinner, day out, or gifts.

It’s easier than you think to allow a device to become an inherent part of your routine. While it is required to some extent, don’t let it turn into a distraction. It can have the worst possible implications on your life, keeping you from any attempt to connect with family.

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