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Cinco de Mayo Celebration Safety Tips

Cinco de Mayo Celebration Safety Tips

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As the weekend approaches, many people are planning their Cinco de Mayo celebrations for Saturday and Sunday. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated all across the United States and parts of Mexico on May 5th each year, but unfortunately, the celebration has gotten out of hand in the past few decades. Holiday weekends tend to be some of the most dangerous weekends on the road. When family and friends get together and start drinking adult beverages,the roads get more dangerous.

Most Cinco de Mayo celebrations take place typically at a Mexican restaurant or in a backyard. Although these celebrations often start off with good intentions of celebrating together as friends and family, they often end in alcohol related crashes, injuries or even fatalities due to poor judgment of those involved.  If you plan to attend a local Cinco de Mayo celebration, our staff highly suggests you plan ahead so you do not put your life or the life of others at risk.

The best option would be to stay in control and stay put. Wherever the party is, (if it is a residence) the best option would be to stay there overnight and return home in the morning. This will help you to avoid driving, and being on the road with other drivers who could be driving impaired.Even if you are not participating in drinking any adult beverages, its much safer to stay off the roads on a holiday evening that typically involves drinking of some type.

Remember, “Buzzed Driving, is Drunk Driving,” and there is really no way to control the behavior of others so do not put yourself in a dangerous situation this Sunday, May 5th. Be smart and follow these tips along with double checking your current California auto insurance premium is all paid up. Remland Insurance agents are here to help, so give us a call today with any insurance need at 714) 532-3341. 


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