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Cell Phone Use While Driving Could Seriously Impact Your California Auto Insurance Rates

Cell Phone Use While Driving Could Seriously Impact Your California Auto Insurance Rates

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now!  The National Transportation Board wants to ban cell phone use in cars…period!  We have all grown so accustomed to being on our phones ALL THE TIME! The   idea of losing use of them when we are in the car would be very frustrating to most of us!  However, the percentage of accidents that happen because people are on their hand held devices is astounding, especially for people who TEXT and drive.


We’ve all had the experience of being next to or behind a driver that is not paying attention to the road and sure enough, when we pass them, it’s because they are on their cell phone or texting. Taking your eyes off the road for even a split second can be a life-changing decision and no message or conversation is worth the risk of an accident or serious injury.


Stay tune to the news, the NTB and law enforcement are recommending stiff penalties in order to enforce a law like this. Your California auto insurance rates may also increase if you do not follow these regulations due to the amount of tickets and violations you may get if you do not follow the latest set of rules and regulations in the state of California.  Be safe out there, and be sure to pull off the road if you MUST respond to a call or text message.


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