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Can Road Rage Increase my Insurance Premium?

Can Road Rage Increase my Insurance Premium?

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Life can be stressful sometimes. Jobs can be chaotic, traffic can be backed up, sports season can get to you or your kids can be screaming from the back seat of the car. Any of these factors have the ability to cut your fuse short and when that happens, your ability to drive safely gets thrown out the window. Aggressive behavior from a hostile driver can cause an accident or even worse, could result in a serious injury or death. Your mood while driving has the ability to harm others as well as yourself, so when you get in your car be sure to take a few deep breaths and relax before getting on the road.

Keeping your emotions in check is not always easy to do, but could end up saving you hundreds of dollars when you’re annual auto insurance policy comes up for renewal. On average, an insured driver with a newly added point to their driving record could fork out over 15% more in annual premiums. Drivers who are consistently driving with “road rage” tend to get in 25% more accidents making your chances of paying more in the long run very likely.

By practicing a few simple steps, you can help prevent unnecessary issues while driving your vehicle:

  • Get a head-start – Leave a few minutes earlier then actually needed to ensure you will have plenty of time to relax and drive safely
  • Choose calming music – Drivers who listen to calm, soothing music tend to drive safer and have a much more pleasant experience on the road. If you are listening to hardcore music, the odds are great that you will be driving in an un-safe manor
  • Keep your focus – Don’t let another driver on the road that you do not even know get under your skin. Cutting off a stranger purposely will only insure for unsafe driving and dangerous maneuvers in the future
  • Remember your priorities – You are very valuable, and risking your life along with others out on the open road is not acceptable. Accidents happen daily as it is, there is no reason to create any additional opportunities
  • Your California auto insurance rate will go up – If you get in an at-fault accident and a point is added to your driving record, you can expect to pay at least 15% more in your next term

When you get in the car today, remember these simple steps. Driving is truly a matter or life or death, and risking that with a mood swing is not worth it! Your California auto insurance policy can be a financial lifesaver when you have the proper coverage, so be sure to call Remland Insurance today with any coverage questions or to have one of our licensed agents review your current coverage at 714) 532-3341.


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