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Can A Clean House Prevent an Insurance Claim?

Can A Clean House Prevent an Insurance Claim?

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Did you know keeping a clean house helps prevent accidents,floods, fires and bad moods? That’s right…living in a clean house has some major advantages that can improve your living conditions by 100 times if its maintained and of course a shared responsibility among household residents. Messy homes are known to cause more stress, tension and arguments among family members due to the void of usable space and peaceful areas to rest in. Piles of clothes, trash, dishes and more are often a cause of a small house fire or flood that is preventable in the first place!

Your California home insurance is there to protect any losses, damages or mishaps that happen…but it’s always a better option to avoid any circumstances that would prevent these types of claims to happen. One of the best ways you can prevent “pile ups” around the house would be to divide and conquer cleaning tasks.

Cleaning is typically not everyone’s favorite task…so we thought sharing Apartment Therapy’s latest blog about “How to Clean Your House in 20 Minutes a Day for 30 Days” would be helpful for everyone:

30 Day Schedule, 20 Minutes a Day:

  1. Clean Living Room (dust, sweep, vacuum)
  2. Clean Bathrooms (toilets, shower, floors,mirrors)
  3. Clean Bedrooms (put away items, dust, clothes,vacuum)
  4. Clean Living Room and Kitchen
  5. Clean Spare Rooms (office, guest bedrooms)
  6. Clean Interior Windows (use Newspaper, its cheapand works great!)
  7. Clean Bathrooms
  8. Sweep and Vacuum ALL floors in the House
  9. Surface Clean Bedrooms
  10. Deep Clean Living Room

For Cleaning items 11-30 see the article in Apartment Therapy!

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