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California Insurance Motorcycle Safety Tips

California Insurance Motorcycle Safety Tips

In 2011, Motorcycle fatalities remained at around 4,500 in the United States. The Governors Highway Safety Association had hoped the numbers would drop since the 2012 record had been set, but unfortunately they stayed at about the same level. Motorcycle safety is extremely important, and something most motorcycle owners do not take into consideration when they purchase the vehicle.

Some states that took the new motorcycle initiative on safety seriously saw a huge drop in motorcycle accidents and deadly crashes by applying the new regulations to their law books and creating public awareness. For example: Mandatory helmet law is passing in more states each year and saving lives across the U.S.

The Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) report for 2012 recommends that each state address these standard five issues:

  1. Increase state-wide helmet use: Helmets are proven to be 37 effective in preventing serious head trauma related crashes. Un-helmeted motorcyclists with head trauma tend to be permanently disabled or die in most motorcycle accidents.
  2. Reduce alcohol impairment: over 1/3 of the motorcycle fatalities that take place each year in the United States are caused by riders that are driving intoxicated (or over the legal limit). Create awareness at the local bars; meet up spots and at local automotive businesses to help raise awareness.
  3. Require a motorcycle safety course: make the classed convenient and interactive for cyclists to attend, and also provide a training manual for riders to read over.
  4. Encourage vehicle drivers to be aware of the motorcyclist arriving around them on the road by posting freeway signs and playing “share the road” commercials on the issue.
  5. Reduce Speed: by regulating the speed that cyclists drive, accidents can be prevented. A lot of motorcycle riders tend to slip through the radar cracks because cops are aiming for vehicles instead. Encourage safe speed driving for all drivers on the roads.

Be sure to practice motorcycle safety on the road and avoid any threatening situations by staying in a single lane and following all posted traffic signs. Motorcycle insurance in California is extremely important as well to protect yourself and other drivers around if injury occurs. Call Remland Insurance today with any questions or to get your motorcycle insured.  

Source: Insurance Journal


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