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California Auto Insurance Tips For Your Teen Driver

California Auto Insurance Tips For Your Teen Driver

As you may remember from a previous post…it is extremely important to teach your teen driver to be a responsible and safe driver. Your California auto insurance rate depends on their ability to maintain a good driving record and safely participate in highway and street driving.

Here are 5 more tips to teach your teen driver:

  1. Nighttime driving is more difficult than normal daylight driving. Allow your child to practice driving at all times of the day so that they get the feel for different styles of driving. Twice as many accidents occur at night then during the daylight.
  2. Driving alone is a great way to stay focused. If your teen is newly licensed, they are not allowed to drive others for the first year, per the state of California.  Remind your teen that driving with others is against the law and also dangerous due to distractions.
  3. Maintaining your vehicle is very important in order to stay safe. If any dashboard lights come on, make sure and inform your child that the issue must be takes care of. Regular oil changes, tire rotation and brake pad inspections should be done.
  4. Drinking & driving kills! Your teen needs to know the importance of being sober and alert while operating a vehicle. There are over 17,000 deaths per year caused by drunk driving. Make sure your child is responsible in where they drive and what they participate in, especially if their name is on your California auto insurance policy.
  5. Texting or using your phone while driving can be deadly. Make sure your teen knows just how important it is to wait and have their mobile conversation when the car is stopped. This can be a lifesaving tip for each of us!

We hope these tips help remind you of some important things to teach your teen driver. They are a good reminder for everyone on the road as well! For any further tips or regulations for teen drivers, please call Remland Insurance today at 714) 532- 3341

Written by: Christi Gartner

Photo Credit: Auto Repair Help


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