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California Auto Insurance Tips for Teaching Teen Driver Safety

California Auto Insurance Tips for Teaching Teen Driver Safety


As parents, you often cannot control what happens to your child as they grow up and learn to drive, but what you can do is make sure they are properly prepared when they finally get behind the wheel alone! Teenage drivers are often criticized on the road, but your California auto insurance coverage should provide the best protection possible!

Teaching your child the proper safety techniques while driving could save their life and the life of others. We strongly encourage you to share these helpful tips with the teen driver in your life…or re-apply these techniques to your driving:

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice – Practice good driving habits by using the proper signals, speeds and techniques. To get more practice…let you teen drive anywhere you go so you can supervise their driving.
  2. Keep Calm – Be patient remembering that this is their 1st time behind the wheel. Each time they drive is a new experience and they usually will not respond well to yelling or overreacting. Discuss any concerns when you get back home rather than when you’re on the road.
  3. Buckle Up – Make sure they are developing a good habit of safety by buckling up seatbelts before driving anywhere. Statistics say that 62% of teens in accidents were not wearing seatbelts that could have prevented injury or even death.
  4. Talk to your Child while Driving- Educate them on the proper procedures and safety hazards. Weather is also an adjustment to new drivers, so be patient and explain the different way to drive in that circumstance.

Check back tomorrow for more teen driver tips. To add your teen driver (permit or license) to your California auto insurance, give us a call today at 714) 532-3341

Source: Mercury Insurance

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