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Buying A Home In Orange County, California

Buying A Home In Orange County, California

Photo Credit: Ricci Realty

Photo Credit: Ricci Realty

If you are in the market for your dream home during this wild housing market, be sure and follow these tips to ensure that your California home insurance is properly and specifically designed to cover all of your needs. Most bank lenders will not provide a mortgage without insurance coverage, so do be sure to obtain the proper coverage during the home buying process.

Before you start to look for a home (or if you are already in the process), search around for the lowest possible mortgage rate available.This takes planning and investigating, but if you plan to have your home for many years, it is worth it to find the very best deal. Depending on the area your home is in, your California home insurance carrier may offer different rates then you currently pay.

Investigate your credit rating and be sure your agent allows for the proper loan depending on your eligibility. Another great tip it to obtain a title insurance agent that will investigate the property and be sure that there are no leans or outstanding debts tied to the actual plot of land the home sits on. Legal matters can become attached to properties if any dispute between property owners arises.

Be sure to have your California insurance agent get a quote or coverage recommendations for the area you are looking to purchase. Are as that are considered “fire zones” are deemed “un-insurable” with some carriers as well as much more expensive when you actually do find the coverage.

If you are looking for a Real Estate specialist in the Orange County area, please contact Al Ricci, owner of Ricci Realty at (714) 633-3600

Remland Insurance is an independent insurance agency that represents over 25 California insurance carriers. Give our office a call today to have your current homeowner’s insurance reviewed or to obtain a quote on anew home or office by calling 714) 532-3341.  Happy House Hunting!


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