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Beware of Insurance Scammers

Beware of Insurance Scammers


Remland Insurance owner, Gary Remland 

In this day and age you hear of a new type of scam every week on the news. People are desperate for money and will do almost anything to get some extra cash when they are desperate. One of the most targeted groups is senior citizens, and more and more they are getting taken advantage of by people who claim to “want to help” them.

Recently, the Orange County Register reported about a woman in her 80’s who was scammed by a phone telemarketer that claimed her husband (who has just passed away a few months prior) had taken out a secret California life insurance policy before he passed away. The man claimed that she was the beneficiary and was entitled to $1.25 million dollars if she cooperated with all of the paperwork proceedings and bank account information. She was also told she would be awarded the lump sum of money once she paid the final premium payment of $4,890.37 of the policy in full.

Fortunately, the woman knew something was up and sought wise counsel from her local insurance agent and lawyer friends. Since the scam was traced back to Atlanta, GA, the FBI got involved and went after the scammer. No money was lost and the scammer was properly punished.

Statistics say that insurance fraud in the United States alone is estimated to be over $40 billion annually. We cannot stress enough just how important it is to have a qualified and licensed insurance professional helping you and your loved ones with any issue that may arise. Choosing a local, independent insurance agent is a great way to help protect you from any scam in the future. Independent agents fight for their customers, and give personalized advice when needed. If you are in need of an annual insurance review, give Remland Insurance a call today at 714) 532-3341. Our staff would be happy to review your current coverage and recommend any additional coverage you may need to protect you and your family in 2013! 


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