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5 Tips to Help You Do a Digital Detox

benefits of detoxing

5 Tips to Help You Do a Digital Detox

The digital revolution has led to radical advancements on several fronts- be it economic or social. However, at the same time, it has also resulted in several setbacks. Continuously staring at computer screens can lead to vision problems, while constant exposure to loud music can impair hearing. Similarly, spending too much time on your smartphone has its own set of disadvantages.

Hence, you need to consider the benefits of periodically detoxing from the digital environment, even if your work demands several hours on screen.

Digital Detox Definition

In simple terms, digital detox means taking a break from your daily life that is dominated by digital technology. One should never limit their lives to collecting and interacting with data. Working online often causes people to become detached from the “real world.” Backing off from the digital world from time to time will give you a greater appreciation for nature and human relationships.

If you don’t take a break from the internet and other forms of computing for a while, it can hurt your relationships with family and friends. Sitting at a computer or talking on a smartphone all day also limits physical activity, leading to health issues due to lack of exercise.

Here are 5 tips to help you with a digital detox.

1. Keep Yourself Beep-Free

Set yourself free from distractions such as beeps, bells, and alarms generated by your mobile device. Try to limit notifications except for emergencies and meaningful emails. Don’t rely on your phone to engage in every little aspect of your everyday life.

2. Don’t Glamorize Busyness

Try not to get caught up in the mindset you’re “too busy” or to glamorize being absorbed in digital activity. Don’t let this way of thinking justify cutting yourself off from people, hobbies, or other things that bring you happiness. Glamorizing “busyness” can make you a slave of your digital devices.

3. Stay Connected Offline

Don’t be afraid to question why you talk on your phone all the time. It’s important to “stay connected” with friends and colleagues, and the phone serves a useful purpose. It’s also a handy tool for emergencies when your car breaks down and you’re stranded on the side of the road. However, it can also be a crutch to avoid talking with people in person, which sends a rude signal to them. So learn to use your phone more sparingly in a detox session and make efforts to stay connected offline.

4. Divide Your Time

Divide your time into three eight-hour segments. Spend eight hours on work, another eight hours on sleep, and the rest of the time to relax your mind. Many people are under the impression that being a workaholic leads to greater productivity, but that’s often not the case. Working over 40 hours per week can lead to diminishing returns. If you don’t get sufficient rest, it can take a toll on your mind and body.

5. Go on a Digital Fast

Fasting from electronics once in a while helps you relax and focus on other responsibilities that you may have been overlooking. Spending time with your family or going on a week-long vacation-without any digital distraction can help you steer clear of digital addiction.

Breaking away from your computing device and online addiction is essential as it allows your mind to reset and participate in other productive activities. A temporary escape from the internet gives you a chance to engage in clear thinking about your goals and beliefs.

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