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BBQ’d Dad or Dad’s BBQing – Happy Father’s Day!

BBQ’d Dad or Dad’s BBQing – Happy Father’s Day!


This Sunday as you gather with Family and Friends to celebrate Dad, there are some major precautions to take before flaring up the BBQ! If celebrating Father’s Day with a grill fire and the paramedics is not what you had in mind, we suggest you practice extreme caution when using the BBQ any day of the week!

BBQ’s are known to cause thousands of house & yard fires each year in the United States and if not used properly can even explode. Between the years of 2006-2010 U.S. Fire Departments across the country responded to almost 9,000 fires caused by BBQ’s and recorded an annual average of 140 injuries and 10 deaths due to flames or explosion. It’s IMPORTANT to know what you are doing if you are behind the BBQ, and we highly recommend you follow the safety tips listed below:

  • Keep a fire extinguisher near the grill, and make sure family members know how to use it in case of emergency!
  • Keep the grill clean. Dirty, greasy grills tend to flare up more often than clean grill surfaces
  • Grill a safe distance from the house,trees, patio covers and decorations
  • Grill lean meat, the more fat meat has on it the easier a grease fire can start
  • Don’t leave the grill unsupervised,always make sure a responsible adult is present
  • Do not turn the gas on while the lid to the BBQ is closed. Doing so can cause a gas build-up that could potentially explode the tank
  • Make sure your California home insurance premium is all paid up! Family holidays seem to bring out the “best”in everyone and you never know who will get hurt along the way!

We wish you a very Happy and SAFE Father’s Day and hope you enjoy celebrating all of the special Men and Father’s in your life! 


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