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Back To School California Renter’s Insurance

Back To School California Renter’s Insurance

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With thousands of students going back to college this time of year, we thought it would be valuable to share the importance of a Renter’s Insurance Policy. It’s cheap, easy and takes almost no time to purchase California renter’s insurance and it can help protect all of your belongings from fire, theft, water damages (Note: Policies do not cover natural disasters like earthquakes unless specified).

Here are five simple tips that can help you get the proper Renter’s insurance coverage today:

  • Give Remland Insurance Services a call today at714) 532-3341 and speak with a qualified agent about your needs or visit them online at
  • Consider the cost of all of your possessions and then determine if the average $200 per year is worth it for you to pay for your items to be protected in case of loss
  • Check out what type of insurance coverage your landlord currently carries to be sure you are in need to Renter’s insurance (we recommend it always, so you have control of protection)
  • Determine with an agent if you would like to be reimbursed for loss via actual cash value which pays out according to how muchit would cost to replace all items or replacement cost coverage which considershow much it would cost to replace items if purchased brand new
  • Take Photos! Of your entire rented space including dressers, closets, kitchen equipment and more! Store them digitally off-site from your home in order to retain proof if damage or loss occurs

Now do you feel the need for California renter’s insurance? It’s the most affordable way to protect your goods while renting a home! 


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