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Avoiding A Holiday House Fire

Avoiding A Holiday House Fire

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Did you know that more house fires start in the kitchen than any other room in the house?  This Easter holiday, we suggest you are extra careful when it comes to cooking on the stove or in the oven. Some appliances go unused for months at a time and are not properly cleaned on a regular basis. Be sure to prep and fireproof your kitchen before the guests arrive on Sunday by cleaning and reading over your owner’s manual for extra tips and tricks.

 The following are additional quick tips to help keep your kitchen safe this holiday:

  • Do not store things on top of or around your kitchen stove. Keep flammable items such as towels, paper goods and cardboard boxes away from open flame at all times
  • Do not leave ovens unattended while going off to church or during an Easter Egg Hunt at the park…it only takes a second for a small fire to turn into a total loss on your California home insurance policy
  • Avoid wearing loose flowing clothing if you planto cook near a gas stove all day. Sleeves and shirts can easily catch on fire causing a bad skin burn
  • Do not overfill your sink and drain with food scraps, this will not start a fire but can cause the sink to flood and the drain to back up which is a big hassle during a holiday event
  • Do not put out grease fires (bacon, meats etc.)with water. It will only make matters worse, use thick towels or baking soda to control these type of flames
  • Have fun and ask for help! Taking on the entire holiday meal alone is a lot of work and can take the fun out of serving!

We wish you a very Happy Easter! Enjoy celebrating with your family and friends! 


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