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Avoid Driving Distracted this Holiday Weekend

Avoid Driving Distracted this Holiday Weekend

California drivers are on the move! We use our driving time as a time to catch up on business, whether personal or business related.  We are always in a hurry, so we eat in the car too!  Drivers are either on the phone, texting a friend, reading, or eating. Sadly, these are only a few of the worst driving distractions.  At Remland Insurance we would like to encourage all drivers, teenagers and adults, to focus on driving next time you’re get behind the wheel.


Here are a few distractions to avoid:

•    Smartphone. Looking down to text or email for one second could result in a fender-bender or life-threatening accidents.

•    iPod. Listening to good music is great while driving but searching your playlist, while driving, can be hazardous to your health.

•    Eating. If you find yourself eating in your car, it is time to start working on your time management. This is actually the #1 reason for accidents.                                          

•    GPS. Watching your GPS, instead of the road, can keep you from ever getting to your destination!! And don’t taunt the GPS Lady by making her constantly re-route!!

•    Games. We have lots of games on our phones, but really!?!  Driving is not the time to play games!

•    Grooming. Using your car as your bathroom to put on make-up or shave is just plain wrong!  Do it at home!!

•    Smoking. Lighting up can distract you from the road and besides, smoking is bad for your health!!

•    Chatting. It’s great to car pool, but just be sure you are focusing on the road while you are chatting!

There are still lots of other distractions, but avoiding these will give you a better chance of always reaching your destination!  Remember to always have full California auto insurance coverage that includes: collision, bodily injury liability, comprehensive, property damage liability, medical or personal injury protection, and uninsured motorist coverage. It is much better to be safe than sorry, especially when we’re all driven to distraction!!! Be safe out there this holiday weekend!

Written by: Rhonda Remland

Image Credit: Fox News



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