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Automobile Upgrades and California Auto Insurance

Automobile Upgrades and California Auto Insurance

Porsche Cayenne GTS

Have you ever been waiting at the car dealership waiting to purchase a vehicle and had the sales person try and get you to add on a bunch of “extras” or “upgraded” to an already brand new vehicle? Many of our staff have had this experience, and though the additions may seem glorious and look great, remind yourself that you are already purchasing a BRAND NEW vehicle that is completely functional the way it is sold and adding some of these additional items can increase your purchase significantly along with your California auto insurance.

Some of the main add-on’s dealerships try to push on car buyers include:

  1. Built-in Navigation – These systems become outdated as quick as cellular phones and most do not accommodate an update, we recommend using your smart phone
  2. Premium Mirrors – This feature is unnecessary ifyou drive cautiously like any driver should. Use your normal mirrors and windows to see all blind spots like any “good driver” should already
  3. Roof Racks – These can add a huge cost and onlyget used once a year. If you plan to use them only once annually we recommend purchasing after-market racks and installing them only for the trip you need them on. Racks also contribute to poor gas mileage on typical vehicles
  4. Four-Wheel Drive (All Wheel Drive) – If the vehicle is your “everyday driver” then you typically has no need for 4-Wheel Drive. Not only is it a good $5,000 more for the vehicle it also costs more on your insurance annually
  5. Camera & Sensor Systems – These systems are expensive and if a driver relies on them to much they are more likely to get in an accident. Again…we highly recommend driving the old school way your mom and dad taught you and not relying on modern technology to drive for you!

While all of these features add a great deal of convenience to your vehicle, they are not a necessity when it comes to driving. Adding cost to the sticker price of your vehicle only increases your yearly expense. Our staff here at Remland Insurance recommends sticking to the basic, functional model of car you choose and leave the extras behind. You will never recover the extra $6000+ you spend while upgrading your vehicle because when you go to sell it, those systems will be outdated.

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