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Attn: Dog Owners & Lovers

Attn: Dog Owners & Lovers

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Over Memorial Day weekend, we received a great little piece of mail from the United States Postal Service that serves as a fantastic reminder for all of our great customers! The USPS along with Remland Insurance would like to remind you about the serious responsibility of being a responsible pet owner and being sure that your pet is properly restrained in your yard at all times.

Even if you have the “friendliest dog in the world” there is no reason to allow your dog to wonder around the front yard or in the house with the front door open without supervision. Mail carriers along with meter readers, insurance adjusters and other inspectors are instructed not to perform their services if a dog is spotted roaming in the front yard of a home therefore wasting a lot of time and effort that should be spent accomplishing at ask.

Other major issues include your financial responsibility in the event of a dog attack. You as the pet owner will be help financially responsible for any medical bills,equipment and more. We highly recommend never leaving your dog outside unattended without being restrained by a fence or on a leash.

Here are the tips directly from the United States Postal Service:

  • Never let a dog roam loose
  • Do not take mail directly from your mail carrier’shand in front of your dog, they may become protective if they feel you are bei ng threatened
  • If you need to sign for a package, place your dog in another room of the house before opening the front door to collect the package
  • Be sure children are aware of the reasons why it’s important to keep animals restrained
  • If you see a dog roaming in your neighborhood without its owner be sure to call animal control or the police to handle the situation, never take the dog into your home

**Please contact your California Insurance Agent if you or your family plan to purchase a new family dog. There is a list of 8-10 breeds that carriers consider “un-insurable” meaning your California home insurance policy can be cancelled any day if an insurance adjuster visits your home and notices an unsafe animal.  


The COVID 19 virus has certainly changed our lives for the short term both at home and at work. Our office is working in compliance with state and local officials and their request to minimize contact with others for the short term so that we can shorten the life of this virus.
As such, our offices will be available by phone or by e mail 8-5 Monday thru Friday. If you need to make an appointment to come by, please call us before you drop by, so we can reduce risk, and take care of our staff and just be safe.
Please don’t hesitate to call us and if for some reason you can’t reach us, please look at our website for carrier contact information. Thank You for your continued business.

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