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As young entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of how to run a small business, take control of your own with the most reliable Business Insurance Los Angeles has to offer!

As young entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of how to run a small business, take control of your own with the most reliable Business Insurance Los Angeles has to offer!

According to The Los Angeles Times, 14 year old Gianna Gallardo is entering ninth grade and already has an advantage over many small-business owners. She has created a detailed business plan and sells handmade bookmarks decorated with her drawings. It’s still a very small enterprise, but Gallardo states that the skills she learned during her eighth-grade entrepreneurship class last spring will last her a lifetime.

Teaching and showing young people they have the ability to create their own businesses is one of the goals of the growing number of youth entrepreneur training programs around the country. In addition, keeping at-risk students in school by engaging them in relevant, hands-on learning is also a big goal of some of these programs.

“It’s less about turning them into entrepreneurs and more about getting them engaged in learning and motivated to learn more,” said Betty LaMarr, president of business coaching firm Los Angeles-based Nadisa Associates. Recognizing the benefits to students, and potentially to their own companies, local small-business owners such as LaMarr are supporting entrepreneur training in middle schools and high schools with time and money.

Here at Remland Insurance Services Inc., we are committed to encouraging learning during all stages of life. It is important to set goals and commit to finishing them through. However, it is never bad to ask for help, which is why we are always on your side during any crisis. We can provide you with the best business insurance Los Angeles has to offer!

Selecting the perfect California business insurance policy can be an overwhelming process for any organization, so we will walk you through the process of selecting one to meet your needs. There are many facets to a business, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with a way to safeguard all subsets of your organization.

Some of our commercial insurance policies are as follows: Workers compensation insurance, group benefits, commercial property insurance, and general liability insurance. Obviously, your business is a major investment of personal time and money, so it only makes sense to protect yourself and your assets with business insurance. Los Angeles businesses come in all sizes, which is why we offer customized policies. So as you improve your organization with every new day, let us keep it safe from risks with our business insurance!


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