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As more jobs open up in the transportation industry, make sure your company is always protected with our California Business Liability Insurance!

As more jobs open up in the transportation industry, make sure your company is always protected with our California Business Liability Insurance!

According to The Orange County Register, an effort to reduce time-consuming regulation to get funds flowing to local projects could create jobs in the transportation industry. In addition, this would significantly improve transportation around the county, said local transportation officials at the Orange County Jobs Now Summit on Wednesday.

“Jobs, jobs, jobs. That’s what it’s all about,” said Will Kempton, chief executive of the Orange County Transportation Authority. He noted Orange County has fewer than 80,000 construction workers on payrolls now, down from more than 110,000 at the peak in 2006.

Officials estimate that 4,600 will be created due to the funding. This figure is based on a widely-accepted formula that 18,000 jobs are created for every $1 billion spent on infrastructure. Wallace Walrod, vice president of economic development and research at the Orange County Business Council, said that the contractors that are hired will be doing increased business with other businesses, like suppliers.

Suzanne Leonard, who is now a construction engineer on the west county project connecting the 22 Freeway with the 605 Freeway, was one of the lucky ones who got a job after being off work most of the last two years. “For every project you bring in, you will employ so many people,” she said. “By putting the American people back to work, it will put money back into the economy.”

At Remland Insurance, we understand how tough it is to make it in this economy. However, as a business owner, we also know that you have major responsibilities in order to keep your passion running smoothly. This is why we are here to help you maintain your company family with our California business liability insurance!

This will provide coverage for issues resulting from personal and advertising injury, including medical expenses. In addition, it covers accidents stemming from on-site mishaps, as well as any injuries or damages that occur as a result of using goods or services sold on-premises.

The policy can be designed to cover supplemental payments for attorney fees, court costs, and other expenses associated with a claim or the defense of a liability suit. We can create a customized insurance package for you.

The following coverage is often included in our insurance line: Vandalism, claims due to bodily injury, fire, and theft. We know that your passion and the other people who work for it are your priority. However, as a leader, you need to secure your well being as well. So look out for the greater good of your organization with a California business liability insurance policy from us!


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